Surviving the first day of class can be tough, welcome students and teachers back to school with these unique and fun gift ideas. Whether they are starting kindergarten or going off to college, these back to school cookies will make the grade. Let us help you celebrate, motivate, and inspire your loved one with these sweet cookie gifts.

A515 - Welcome Home to Learning!
Welcome Home to Learning! {A515}
Starting at $27.98
A528 - Back to School
Back to School {A528}
Starting at $27.98
B515 - Welcome Home to Learning! BouTray™
Welcome Home to Learning! BouTray™ {B515}
Starting at $83.98
B528 - Back to School BouTray™
Back to School BouTray™ {B528}
Starting at $83.98
W515 - Welcome Home to Learning! Basket
Welcome Home to Learning! Basket {W515}
Starting at $47.98
W528 - Back to School Basket
Back to School Basket {W528}
Starting at $47.98
GB474 - Number 1 Teacher Gift Box
Number 1 Teacher Gift Box {GB474}
as Shown $12.49
IDC43 - Personalized A+ Teacher
Personalized A+ Teacher {IDC43}
as Shown $10.99
SK2 - Survival Kit
Same Day On Sale Survival Kit {SK2}
as Shown $61.49
BX5 - Half Dozen Sandwich Cookies
Same Day Half Dozen Sandwich Cookies {BX5}
as Shown $44.49
TRY20 - Two Dozen Gourmet Cookie Tray
Same Day Two Dozen Gourmet Cookie Tray {TRY20}
as Shown $56.99
BX9 - Two Dozen Gourmets
Same Day Two Dozen Gourmets {BX9}
as Shown $56.99
BX8 - One Dozen Gourmets
Same Day One Dozen Gourmets {BX8}
as Shown $36.99
A401 - Wacky School
Wacky School {A401}
Starting at $27.98
A294 - Kool School Kids
Kool School Kids {A294}
Starting at $27.98
B294 - Kool School Kids BouTray™
Kool School Kids BouTray™ {B294}
Starting at $83.98
W294 - Kool School Kids Basket
Kool School Kids Basket {W294}
Starting at $47.98
W401 - Wacky School Basket
Wacky School Basket {W401}
Starting at $47.98
B401 - Wacky School BouTray™
Wacky School BouTray™ {B401}
Starting at $83.98
B44 - School BouTray™
School BouTray™ {B44}
Starting at $83.98
W44 - School Days Basket
School Days Basket {W44}
Starting at $47.98
A437-03 - Wacky Apples Pail
Wacky Apples Pail {A437-03}
Starting at $46.99
A163 - One Smart Cookie
One Smart Cookie {A163}
Starting at $46.99
B163 - One Smart Cookie BouTray™
One Smart Cookie BouTray™ {B163}
Starting at $83.98
A44 - School Days
School Days {A44}
Starting at $36.48
GB42 - Easter Cookies Gift Box
Easter Cookies Gift Box {GB42}
as Shown $12.49
SK3 - Deluxe Survival Kit
Returning Soon!
Feb 15th
Deluxe Survival Kit {SK3}
as Shown $84.49