Celebrate the season of fun and sun with gifts featuring our hand decorated summer cookies. Whether you're celebrating Independence Day, a birthday or just getting together with friends and family, these summer gift baskets will make a cheerful addition to your gathering!

A483 - Summer Vibes
Same Day Summer Vibes {A483}
Starting at $26.99
B483 - Summer Vibes BouTray™
Same Day Summer Vibes BouTray™ {B483}
Starting at $80.99
W483 - Summer Vibes Basket
Same Day Summer Vibes Basket {W483}
Starting at $45.99
TRY483 - Summer Vibes Favor Tray
Summer Vibes Favor Tray {TRY483}
as Shown $66.49
DK483 - Summer Vibes Decorating Kit
Same Day Summer Vibes Decorating Kit {DK483}
as Shown $38.99
A525 - Let’s Fiesta
New Let’s Fiesta {A525}
Starting at $26.99
B525 - Let’s Fiesta BouTray™
New Let’s Fiesta BouTray™ {B525}
Starting at $80.99
A148 - Confetti and Candles Bright
Same Day Confetti and Candles Bright {A148}
Starting at $26.99
W525 - Let’s Fiesta Basket
New Let’s Fiesta Basket {W525}
Starting at $45.99
A526 - King Of The Grill
New King Of The Grill {A526}
Starting at $26.99
B526 - King Of The Grill BouTray™
New King Of The Grill BouTray™ {B526}
Starting at $80.99
W526 - King Of The Grill Basket
New King Of The Grill Basket {W526}
Starting at $45.99
A482 - Majestic Mermaids Birthday
Majestic Mermaids Birthday {A482}
Starting at $26.99
A371 - Fun In The Sun
Fun In The Sun {A371}
Starting at $26.99
B371 - Fun In The Sun BouTray™
Fun In The Sun BouTray™ {B371}
Starting at $80.99
B389 - Firecrackin' Fourth BouTray™
Firecrackin' Fourth BouTray™ {B389}
Starting at $80.99
W389 - Firecrackin' Fourth Basket
Firecrackin' Fourth Basket {W389}
Starting at $45.99
A481 - Majestic Mermaids
Majestic Mermaids {A481}
Starting at $26.99
A484 - Summer Vibes Birthday
Same Day Summer Vibes Birthday {A484}
Starting at $26.99
A439 - Shades of Summer
Shades of Summer {A439}
Starting at $26.99
W371 - Fun In The Sun Basket
Fun In The Sun Basket {W371}
Starting at $45.99
A389 - Firecrackin' Fourth
Firecrackin' Fourth {A389}
Starting at $26.99
A391 - Sunny Thoughts
Sunny Thoughts {A391}
Starting at $26.99
B439 - Shades of Summer BouTray™
Shades of Summer BouTray™ {B439}
Starting at $80.99
W439 - Shades of Summer Basket
Shades of Summer Basket {W439}
Starting at $45.99
A371-03 - Fun In The Sun Pail
Fun In The Sun Pail {A371-03}
Starting at $46.99
A4 - Ice Cream Cones
Same Day Ice Cream Cones {A4}
Starting at $26.99
B4 - Ice Cream Cones BouTray™
Same Day Ice Cream Cones BouTray™ {B4}
Starting at $80.99
PC34 - Fun In The Sun Cookie Cake
Fun In The Sun Cookie Cake {PC34}
as Shown $48.49
B391 - Sunny Thoughts BouTray™
Sunny Thoughts BouTray™ {B391}
Starting at $80.99
W391 - Sunny Thoughts Basket
Sunny Thoughts Basket {W391}
Starting at $45.99
A292 - Sunny Retirement Wishes
Sunny Retirement Wishes {A292}
Starting at $26.99